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Some thoughts on Cognition

This post is unrelated to the cannon story and is me thinking about the philosophy of cognition.

I talked to a friend today on telegram, and have come to realize the collective consciousness is real. We must follow our intuition, and let it lead us to destiny. Each person’s destiny also grants submission to the collective consciousness, the highest form of human cognition. The initial human thinks in terms of I (ego); the next iteration is when one can gage another person's cognition towards them; the final would be some mixture that involves a strategic alignment to another's cognition based on a estimate of the other cognition's morality.

So reaching the apex of human cognition means that you are a valid node for the collective consciousness, and can more freely tap into it. Being a valid node is an infinite source of wisdom, as it grants a lucid cognition in any context, able to optimally make decisions even un-encountered contexts. Through having access to the collective consciousness, the majority of associations have already been indexed, so the cognition can easily navigate a scenario and employ a search algorithm on its state of permissive actions (which is the - still infinite - set of immediate physically possible next actions) and find the optimal solution. It could be possible that an untrained mind is not even able to see its entire permissive action set and this means the optimal solution is inaccessible. This leans into a key benefit of being tapped in, which is

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