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Productivity Maximization

Written August 20th, 2018

7:45 am, have a coffee in me, day-plan is journalled in, trading starts momentarily (this post is a race for my fingers). Morning pondering session drew me to conclude that noise must be cut out from my life. For example, my recent unhealthy obsession with Gossip Girl is not doing much for me, albeit the show is spectacular. Cut. It. Out. This is not to discredit the power of film, with many movies containing thought-provoking and important stories. It is simply not effective to spend a portion of an hour watching Gossip Girl or Archer when I could watch a more fruitful show.

The axiomatic assumption here is that external output has a direct effect on mindset, ergo by maximizing the utility of external output, the most positive perspective will arise.

So one does not need to necessarily cut out enjoyment, but rather choose entertainment with higher long-term utility. For example, in choosing between an episode of Lost or practicing some drawing, the latter option is arguably going to promote higher fulfillment in the long-run. Life is to be enjoyed, at the maximum levels.

In the words of the underworld deity Lil Pump, "esketit."

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