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On Ego

Written May 14th, 2018

To announce ourselves by name is not only foolish, but a null statement as well. We are not a name, nor any specific character; we are only a single piece in the jigsaw puzzle that defines the universe, a puzzle containing the past, present, and future. Our piece may be numbered, but that does not entail that we are that number, for we only serve to finish the grand picture. So, the question stands: what does it mean to exist?

The most digestible stance on our existence is through the perspective of the absurd. To unravel the idea of being, one must first recognize the absurd; there is no meaning in the world, and any value or moral stance given to an object or action, respectively, is a direct reflection of our egoistic desire to exist. We have created systems of morality, that we call “societies,” so that our notions of ego can have a domain to live in. If one peels away this layer of desire, and looks at life in its rawest form, it is apparent that there is no “good” or “bad,” and that these concepts are birthed by societal means. But what does this mean for existence? Absurdity maintains that there is no purpose to live for, and that we have no value, but this does not answer anything in regards to the question: do we exist, and if so, what does it mean?

If we agree that the notion of the universe as a puzzle stands, then our existence is proportionately as important as any other piece in the puzzle, for removing a single piece would mean chaos, and the grand puzzle becomes null. The universal megastructure recognizes our existence, and while we do not have the means to move beyond the domain of our own piece – for we cannot prove the existence of anybody but our self – we can acknowledge that we are nonetheless part of something grand. We exist, for we are proportionately as important as any other piece.

Concerning this idea of a “grand puzzle,” we are forced to believe that, considering every piece has an eternal place in the principal scheme, then there must be the understanding that existence is outside of the domain of time. A person exists forever, for that person has existed once. Putting together the idea that the megastructure is null without our piece in it, and that our existence is eternal, we formulate the following notion: our existence means that the universe exists, and that we are as important as the universe itself, for it would not exist without us.

The case for existence, as shown above, is built independently of an egoistic pursuit. While an ego might maintain that one is more important than another, the definition of existence rebuts this, for every being is equally important.

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