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Importance of Aesthetic Flow

Written July 17, 2018

For some time I was obsessed with the notion of discrediting fashion theory and physical care. "One must love him/herself however they are," I thought. To be fair I was young and naive, and I toyed with many ideas before I managed to create a frame for myself.

This is going to be umbrella'd under the belief that there is the possibility of life being better, and that our subjective perspective is affected by individual action.

Beauty is observable in nature (this is the grounds on which this idea will be built). One needs to simply look at the natural world to understand the beauty that shines through the complex systems around us. It is amazing that the most complex of ideas can be boiled down to a few systems of equations (Schrodinger's equation, for example). Yet the numbers only serve as the conductors of the opera; human imagination and creativity are the musicians that bring these ideas to life. A lifetime can be spent pondering complexity, and the beauty that arises from it.

There is a relationship between nature, beautiful design, and humans. Nature creates systems, and beauty acts as lubricant to the many gears of complexity. Humans exist within this system, and many societal values are built around the maintenance of systemic order, and the creation of it. Mankind pays those who create beauty. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs created technological miracles, and effectively exponentiated the efficiency of human life. Subsequently, they practiced aesthetic flow in the form of discipline in life - Jobs' minimalism is a great example. Ray Dalio's Principles shows how he created well-managed systems to run his life with. He created a grand design; he orchestrated a masterpiece.

Praise follows those who take after nature's insistence towards beauty. We find the eccentrics and artists to be entertaining and awing, and the academics and thinkers to be enigmatic and deep. These characters create aesthetic frames, and people gravitate towards the systems they have designed. These characters follow the morals of nature, and succeed.

One can choose to either dwindle in mass delusion, and construct the self-deprecating belief that aesthetics do not matter, or choose to create beauty in their life, and in turn elevate him/herself.

As an extension, those who follow the latter goal begin to see beauty in different way, and gain an appreciation for different methods of delivery. Colours become brighter, and slowly they begin to transform.

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