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Childlike playfulness: an inquiry

Written September 2nd, 2018, 2 a.m.

This topic has been bugging at me the entire day, picking my mind like a feral bug. I cannot help but notice that all forms of mastery exist to bring the subject into a final state of childlike playfulness. The end of the practice stage is that the resulting automation allows the subject to act with lesser constraints and worries. We are in essence reverting to our original state, the young and bright universe of curiosity.

I have concluded that the process of learning is as follows: attainment of knowledge, practice, reaching state of art, and embodiment of spirit. In each consecutive step, automation increases, and in correlation the tesseract of playfulness expands. I had for long struggled to think, nevertheless mention convey my ideas through words, pictures, and stories. It took years of practice, absolute lows, pain, and constant tinkering to reach any sort of play. At my current stage, I am conscious of increased play throughout my pedigree, and that I am now able to think more clearly than before. However, I know that this is not my final stage. To think so would be foolish. There are modes of energy, levels of spirit that I do not yet understand. I have not fully reverted to a childlike state.

Rigid structure and instructed scheduling is imprisonment for the soul. The rebel lives the most freely, perhaps the most profoundly. Often those who choose to live a lifestyle with a low value-barrier are dooming themselves to absurdity and illusion. I cannot help but think that the nightclub socialites are really pulling themselves into the easy-realm, and in doing so embodying a low-value syntax. They are accepting a structure with low value; they are becoming prisoners. How childlike and free can the nightlife socialite be? This playfulness is defined as all action and inaction outside the domain of acceptable behaviour within the nightlife syntax.

It is so easy to become trapped. Understanding and independent thought can free us. I used to be afraid of the monster in the dark, but when I learned why we have these thoughts, the monster died. I often refused to approach new people at events, but after learning about the primitive aspects of approach anxiety, I overcame it. Understanding allowed me to re-attain childlike calm, and to reach a state of play that the stress induced by consciousness would not allow.

Those who embark on the psychedelic journey note the innocence of the world beyond consciousness, the seemingly flowing elements. This is the world that we need to actively try to transpose into ours, through practice, mastery, and perspective-shifting.

Only through hard work, grit, and sweat can we re-attain peace of mind.

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